“The ASPIN Recruitment Retention Consortium (ARRC) aims to facilitate training & internships for college students, recruitment and retention of Behavioral Health Technicians, and employee retention plans for 7 rural and under served Indiana counties.”

Professional Training & Internship Program


18 years of age?

Completed 2 or more years of undergraduate classes?

Passionate about mental/behavioral health?

Enjoy smaller, close-knit work & life environments?

Apply Today!

ARRC Podcasts

The Affiliated Service Providers of Indiana (ASPIN) will be hosting a podcast under the title “ARRC Podcast” that will have new episodes available on a monthly/bi-monthly basis. The goal of the podcast is to educate individuals on programs, events, and issues that pertain to Indiana listeners when it comes to multiple topics like rural healthcare, health insurance assistance, available trainings in areas around Indiana, and the internship process through an organization and university point of view.

Access the Podcasts HERE

CHW Training

Accepted applicants will engage in a FREE 3-day Community Health Worker Training & Certification process. For more info, click here.

Shadowing Day

Participants will complete a day of shadowing at one of the ARRC targeted Community Mental Health Centers. To view the Community Mental Health Centers, click here.


Participants will engage in an internship at one of the targeted Community Mental Health Centers. For more information on the internship, click here.

Extending behavioral health services to rural Indiana communities